SHORT FILMS: Eoin & Sleeping from James Skerritt. Music: Paddy Mulcahy, Limerick City

James Skerritt – Videographer


The film is a portrait of Irish street artist Eoin, showcasing the different worlds that he finds himself working in. Shot in an abandoned mansion on the West coast of Ireland and Jamie’s Italian in Canary Wharf, London.


A short film documenting Irish artist Eoin as he works between the contrasting neon cityscape of Tokyo and the lush landscape of Japan. Showcasing the process of his long exposure photography.


Paddy Mulcahy –  Composer

born 1993, is an Irish composer and producer based in Limerick City, Irland. Classically trained in piano from the age of 5, Paddy found his love for electronic music growing in his early teens. In 2011 he was signed to Canadian label Limbic Records. As well as his solo work, he also composes music for video, such as documentaries, adverts and short films. Paddy Mulcahy is a composer/producer from Limerick City. Although classically trained in piano from the age of 5, Paddy soon sought out his own styles and his own way of learning having picked up the guitar 4 years later. By his early teens he fell in love with electronic music after discovering a number of different artists. He experimented with software and the newly digitised music world of MySpace and was signed to a record label in 2011.

During his tenure at Canadian label Limbic Records, Paddy found his support, both at home and abroad widening following a number of digital releases. In following years, the Limerick Underground Electronic music scene took off and ’nubus‘ became a familiar name around Limerick City, alongside his residencies at club nights such as Macronite and D.I.E.

Following his time at Limbic Records, the composer/producer began to self-release music on Bandcamp. Following the release of his 2013 album ‚Enter Morning‘, Paddy warmed up for Mmoths in Limerick City. In February 2014, he performed solo piano at the launch of Nils Frahm’s „Sheets“ in London. „The eight track album is a collection of lush dreamscape electronica that was nine months in the making.“ July 2014 saw the release of Memory Season, which took Paddy around Ireland for live shows, including Electric Picnic festival. Now, Paddy is experimenting more with downtempo piano music, and 2015 will see the release of a new solo piano album entitled „Tape Sketches“.


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